The High School started the 2011-2012 course the “Seccions Europees” (European Sections) program. This allows us to teach at least one subject of each course of the compulsory secondary studies in English. The courses are done by our teachers that have knowledge of the English language. Besides, some of the hours the teacher might have the support of a native speaking teacher.

The studies done in English the course 2016-17, all optional subjects, are the following:



Educació Plàstica i Visual (3 hours per week)

Música (3 hours per week)


Música (2 hours per week)


Taller de ciències experimental (2 hours per week)


Informàtica (3 hours per week)


The rest of subjects of these courses are done in Spanish or Catalan as the rest of our studies.

You can see our Seccions Europees's Program (document).